6 reasons why you should never book a holiday in the Algarve

Do you want a beautiful sun-packed holiday? One that allows you to relax, unwind and soak up some diverse culture? There are a variety of places that you can pick from, but if the idea of a peaceful, sun soaked and breath-taking area of the world doesn’t float your boat, you may want to stay away from Central Algarve.

Here are the reasons why you would not want to spend your summer holiday in the most southern point of Portugal. 


1 - Do you start to get the cold sweats thinking about golden sandy beaches?


Do you think that those people who love the idea of lazing around on the golden sandy beaches are crazy? If so, we advise you to never head over to the most popular beaches in the Central Algarve. There are plenty of stunning beaches spread throughout the region, namely Praia da Falesia, Ilha de Faro and Praia do Gigi. If the thought of being able to relax in the sunshine and taking a dip in the glorious crystal waters freaks you out, then definitely don’t book a trip to the Algarve.


2 - Do you despise rustic and charming towns?


Places like Loulé town in the right in the middle of the Algarve are absolutely packed full of character and charm, not to mention history too. Perhaps wandering around the typical Portuguese market on a Saturday, sampling delicious local food and getting to hang out with the locals is your idea of a nightmare? Maybe the Algarve is not for you. 


3 - Never want to eat delicious food?


Who enjoys sampling some delicious cuisine during a holiday? If the thought is enough to make you shudder, then we highly recommend staying away from the popular 2 Passos restaurant where they offer the freshest fish and most tasteful wine. Whether it is the menu packed full with fresh & tasty local foods, or perhaps the awe-inspiring view and location, this is a restaurant that is sure to be on the avoid list.


4 - Do you think that family activities are the worst?


Would you rather spend a holiday with moaning and bored kids? Then we don’t think that Central Algarve is right for you. You see, it is absolutely packed full of fun filled activities that will please even the fussiest kids. One of the most popular, the water park, Aquashow, is splashing good fun for all ages and is sure to be the backdrop to plenty of happy family memories. Just hideous! 


5 - Not enjoying the idea of playing golf at some of the most renowned golf courses?


Golf is one of those sports that is hard to enjoy; leisurely walking around a well kept golf course, indulging yourself with friends… There is only one thing that could make golf even more tedious - That is, that the most famous and renowned golf courses are located in the Algarve and often within walking distance from most of Blue Sky Villas properties. Take the Vale do Lobo Royal or Ocean for example, who wants to take in the stunning surroundings whilst relaxing on the golf course? There is surely nothing worse!


6 - Hate the thought of having a beautiful Algarvian Villa as your base?


Well, then you should stay as far away as possible from Central Algarve, and we definitely recommend steering clear of the professional Blue Sky Villas team. Take Villa Pearl as an example; A modern 6-bedroom villa that has absolutely everything that you could ever want from a holiday villa including a heated infinity pool and stunning landscaped gardens. Terrible huh?

We have a secret for you; None of these things are true, in fact Central Algarve is one of the best places to take a summer holiday as proven by the best beach destination award won for 2 consecutive years. Whether it is with friends or family, the entire region is one of beauty, culture and fun! Come and try it out for yourself, book your holiday now with Blue Sky Villas.