Renting a Luxury Villa vs Staying at a Luxury Hotel in the Algarve, Portugal

All the pros and cons to help you choose the perfect accommodation

The clear sky, the warm sun and the beautiful coast might be the same, but your vacation in the Algarve can really take a different direction depending on the accommodation you choose.

It is no secret that this beautiful region is more and more popular among Portuguese and foreigners; while this is helping the development of the area and improving both local economy and touristic facilities, it can sometimes get pretty busy around here, especially during the summer months.

  Following the increasing demand, a great variety of accommodation is now available for a luxury vacation, ranging from resort residences to hotel suites to villa or home rentals. But might a private villa rental be a better fit for you than a traditional hotel stay? Let’s break it down together!


Private Accommodation is as easy to book as a hotel room

Forget the times when choosing to stay in a villa or house meant no ending research and hassle. Without mentioning the risk of becoming the victim of a rentals scam! Seriously, your perfect holiday villa is now just a click away, worry-free.


Villas are quieter and are far more private

Villas are usually in residential parts of town away from main streets, with no hotel or street noise. This means of course that you might not be able to rely on public transportation to get around, but you can easily fix this issue renting your own car. And how important is privacy for you? Luxury rentals are normally located in closed properties, surrounded by gardens that preserve your own spaces and moments.


Villas are more isolated, and might not offer the facilities included in a hotel complex

When renting a villa, you are probably ready to renounce the spa, the beach bar, the restaurant. Or not? While many villas in the Algarve are located in beautiful secluded locations (for the times when you feel like getting away from society), many self-catering options are available inside the most renowned resorts: Quinta do Lago, Vale do Lobo, Dunas Douradas Beach Club are perfect compromises between privacy and action.



Holiday villas are cheaper because they are rented weekly instead of per day. In both high and low season, this makes all the difference! Moreover, they are much more spacious than the equivalent 5-star hotel room or suite, while offering similar amenities. Imagine a family of four, in a family room with two double beds as is common in a hotel or in three different bedrooms as if renting a house. We believe the difference speaks for itself!


A villa rental feels more like a home away from home, so it is easier to spend quality time with your loved ones; here children can play safely in the garden and pool. Most accommodations provide cots, highchairs, safety gates, inflatable toys and many other items for a family friendly holiday. All villas have outdoor BBQ and fully equipped kitchens that are perfect for dinner parties with friends. It makes meals easier for the younger ones as well: eating out regularly can be difficult and costly, especially in case of food allergies.



Forget about scrambling for sun loungers or waiting for your turn at the Jacuzzi for a hydro massage. In a holiday villa you have it all for yourself - you and your personal internal competition, of course!



You will probably have to raid your fridge or go out for a midnight snack. Or you can request your own personalized concierge service! The best management companies are now providing customizable services that offer from full-time nanny to private chauffeur, beauty treatments, catering and organized day trips. For example, here at Blue Sky Villas we go the extra mile for our clients and we know that this makes all the difference!


What about you? Will you opt for a villa experience this year?

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