We offer you a variety of relaxing massages, everything from a deep tissue massage to an anti-cellulite massage. Our beauty professionals set up the space with the necessary equipment, making you feel comfortable just as if you were at the Spa! All you need to do is book the massage and Blue Sky Villas will happily take care of the rest. Please keep scrolling to find out more about the different types of massages offered, adequate for each individual need.


Full Body Massage

Releases muscles tension
Promotes circulation and lymph flow
Good for stress related conditions and chronic pain

60 min - €65
90 min - €85


Deep Tissue Massage

Provides deep pain relief
Releases muscle tension
For chronic aches, pain and tense areas

60min - €75

Sports Massage

Helps to loosen muscles and increases flexibility
Reduces post workout recovery time
Ideal for active people

60 min - €70
90 min - €95



Provides restorative relaxation and revitalize energy
Relieves toe, ankles and arch pain
Ideal for people who stand for most of the day

60min - €55

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Indian Head Massage

Relives headaches and migranes
Provides release from stress and increases feeling of calm
Ideal for people who experience restlessness and insonia

35min - €30

Localized Massage 

Neck/shoulders, knees, feet, legs or arms
Conbination of different techniques for specific needs

35min - €30

Anti Cellulite Massage

Increases blood circulation and encourages the natural drainage of the lymph
Provides skin smoothing and straightening
Reduces cellulite

60min - €50
6 sessions - €240
8 sessions - €320


Ready to start relaxing?
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