Organising a holiday may sometimes be challenging, particularly when you are looking to stay outside your home country. Finding the best places that cater to your everyday needs and holiday requirements, trying to filter through all the recommendations and reviews may be very time consuming, taking away your quality time with the family. This is where having a concierge service comes in handy as we specialise in this area.


At Blue Sky Villas, we would like to believe that we are one of the few companies who offer a complete and tailored concierge service maximising your stay to its fullest experience. Having a team with the necessary local knowledge and 12 years of experience in this area, we believe we can make your stay a lifelong memory.


What exactly does a ‘luxury concierge service’ entail you may ask? Well, it includes everything from the moment you start booking your holiday dates, all the way through to your return home. Upon your arrival, you are greeted by your very own personal concierge who will be looking after you and your family during your stay. At this stage, we will check that everything is to your liking and answer and questions you may have as well as take note of any reservations you might have already planned out. With our 12 years of experience in the field, be rest assured that we have partnered with the most effective local companies in the area, allowing you to benefit from competitive prices and quality service. You will also have access to a 24/7 emergency line.


The Algarve has numerous points of attractions catering to every individual’s needs. To make the most of these, we highly recommend that you take advantage of our services. We offer plenty of experiences such as access to the local waterparks for those looking to have a fun day out with the family, a wine/food tasting to discover the wonderful gastronomy in the Algarve or even a more relaxing experience such as getting to know the Algarve on 2 wheels with a Segway tour. One of the most popular experiences is our luxury boat tours where you can spend a whole day out discovering the beautiful Algarvian coastline. Worried about the food? Our team will organise for your boat to be catered! Whatever your preference is, we offer the best advice, most competitive prices in the area and deal with all the reservations so that the only thing you have to do, is create lifelong memories during your stay.


If you fancy having a more chilled day in and want to enjoy all the perks of renting a fabulous villa in the Algarve, we also provide various in-house services. For the adults looking to decompress, why not choose to pamper yourself with a beauty treatment or a massage? Our team of professionals will come to your villa, set everything up with the necessary equipment, and help you unwind just as if you were in an actual spa! We also offer a selection of menus that can be delivered right to your doorstep such as a Greek Meze, a home cooked meal, a fine dining meal or even a BBQ prepared for you to enjoy some “al-fresco” dining in hot summer evenings well known to the Algarve.


If you don’t want to spend a single minute of your holiday taking care of your travel arrangements, Blue Sky Villas can organise all of this for you, hassle-free, including airport transfers, dry cleaning or even food for you to take with you in the transfer/plane and have that last Portuguese meal on your way home. Your local concierge will pay you one last visit shortly before check-out to say our final goodbyes and ensure that your journey back will be as smooth as possible.

Blue Sky Villas takes pride in all its tailor-made and quality services that enhance our client’s experience. We hope you truly stay for a week (or more !) and remember your experience for a lifetime.

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